branding identity, vehicle signage, web and print design

Sheq logo design, web layout and printed media.

SHEQ Branding

Sheq for Africa. Our mission is to provide quality services in the health and safety division in the public sectors. Our brand aims to help companies educate their employees and bring awareness of the regulations which needs to be in place.


SHEQ Africa Design Works

The brand and all visual elements were created using the following design software.


Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo and brand.


All printed stationery and documents were created using InDesign.


All graphics, mockups and special photo treatments.

Discover our Brand!

At Sheq our values really shows in our brand. We are dedicated and committed to each client and everyone of their staff to make sure that all safety regulations are put in place.

Our BRAND is AFRICA. We are connected with each other, and we portray that throughout the brand identity and our branding.