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GOLD Brand Identity & Media Design

The Vintage Look

Designer of vintage gold watches and fine jewellery. This collection has been designed with the finest of detail to ensure a vintage look compared to the unique designs of Europe.

Gold has long been one of the most rare and precious metals on Earth, since well before humanity even knew what an element truly was. Yet we now know it to be one of the heaviest stable, naturally occurring atom-types found here on Earth.

Carefully crafted for each unique client and each a unique design.

Gold Brand Identity Design

The Brand consisted of a landing page with a collection of posters and brochures. Telling the story of how the gold is melted and created into unique pieces of art. Each piece is as unique as the person wearing it. Vintage Gold designer pieces sets the stage for a great evening out and an everyday occasion.


GOLD Design Works

The brand and all visual elements were created using the following design software.


Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo and brand.


All printed stationery and documents were created using InDesign.


All graphics, mockups and special photo treatments.