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Guardians Brand Identity and Digital Media

Guardians Care Organization

Welcome to Guardians. Where all life is precious and important. Committed to helping and protecting all life. Our mission is to help all those on our path by teaching empathy and love.

We embrace change, committed to rise above the unthinkable to create a safe haven for all those in need. Our vision is a world without cruelty where equality exists. Our mission is to create this world, and every day we are one step closer.

Our driven inspiration from mother nature

Our inspiration was driven by not only nature, but by people. We are all connected through nature, nature created from our own actions. The Brand aims to inspire all to be kind, compassionate and understanding.


Guardians Logo Design Works

The brand and all visual elements were created using the following design software.


Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo and brand.


All printed stationery and documents were created using InDesign.

Adobe XD

All web design content was created using adobe xd.