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Firefly Greenhouse Nursery - Brand Design, Presentations and print

Firefly in the Gardens...

Enjoy this brand as being both playful and a touch of luxury. It’s definitely for the flower pot lovers to give a pop of colour in your comfort zone.


Firefly Design Works

The brand and all visual elements were created using the following design software.


Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo and brand.


All printed stationery and documents were created using InDesign.


All graphics, mockups and special photo treatments.

Firefly Branding Concept was inspired by the true beauty of nature. Firefly also provides amazing home & garden ideas, freshly inspired by our daily dose of nature. From summer to spring, Firefly will give you the motivation you need!


The brand was inspired by the beauty and femininity of certain plant species. Firefly is also playful, and creative to the nature of plants. This reflects the idea of a childhood chase in the garden as we were inspired to do so as children. However the brand still portrays a luxurious touch, especially with succulents for in home inspiration.