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I am very proud, of the time and effort going into helping others. I only wish, that I could do more, and I know, that with more people, we can truly make a difference.

Little Dresses South Africa Branding

This initiative is straight from the UK – Founder Chantell Mustoe has started this organization together with Marinda Scheepers, Local South African in Strand, Cape Town.

Their goal is to feed families, help them with food, clothing, and any other essentials. But with COVID-19, that has made things a bit difficult. We have started with a Facebook fundraising page,

together with a social media campaign, trying to reach those that are able to donate.


Little Dresses South Africa Needs Your HELP!

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Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo and brand.


All printed stationery and documents were created using InDesign.


All graphics, mockups and special photo treatments.