this was an amazing initiative with 67 logos to help start-up clients with a logo

Blacknificent Dolls - Brand Identity & Design

67 Logos Mandela Day - Blacknificent Dolls

I am super proud to have been part of this initiative. Being part, and giving back to the community, knowing how hard it is to start, was amazing. A logo can make all the difference. Lerato has a great project and an amazing talent. I wish her all the best of luck with Blacknificent Dolls, a True Proudly South African Product.

This project was driven by the most amazing team CWDI - And 67 Logos initiative. 

I was to take this time to thank you for giving me an award, and a great seminar with Mark Vella, looking forward. I never expected any recognition, but this made me proud, and my family even more so.


Guardians Logo Design Works

The brand and all visual elements were created using the following design software.


Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo and brand.

Adobe Photoshop

All mockups and treatments were done in photoshop to show the gold emboss.